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Technical Specifications

Input Ratings "E" version: 400 VAC three-phase 47-63 Hz
"A" version: 208 VAC three-phase 47-63 Hz
Regulation Type Current (C.C.) or Voltage (C.V.)
Output Current Range "120-50" model: 120 A
"200-50" model: 200 A
Output Voltage Range 50 V
Rated Output Power "120-50" model: 6 kW
"200-50" model: 10 kW
Power Factor > 0.9
Efficiency > 94 %
Current and Voltage Setting 18 bit
Current and Voltage Readback 20 bit
Closed Loop Bandwidth C.C. mode: > 100 Hz
C.V. mode: > 200 Hz
Cooling Forced Air Convection (Front-to-Rear)
Temperature Stability C.C. mode: < 5 ppm/°C (< 1 ppm/°C - "HS" option)
C.V. mode: < 50 ppm/°C
Connectivity 10/100/1000 Mbit TCP-IP Ethernet
Two (2) SFP
External Interlocks/Status User configurable dry-contacts
Relay (magnetic NO and NC contacts + solid state)
Other Features Firmware remote update
Interlock configurability
Adaptable thresholds fro trips and interlocks
Embedded Linux OS
Analog Control Input (0-10 V, BW = 1 kHz)
Control System Drivers EPICS IOC
Mechanical Dimensions 19" x 3U x 600 mm (including connectors)
Weight 28 kg
Operating current range (rated stability and accuracy) 2 - 100%

Ordering Options

Product code Description Ordering Code
NGPS 120-50E NGPS 120-50 – 6-kW Current- and Voltage-Controlled High-stability Digital Power Supply 120A@50V (6 kW) - 400VAC three-phase input NGPS120050EX
NGPS 120-50A NGPS 120-50 – 6-kW Current- and Voltage-Controlled High-stability Digital Power Supply 120A@50V (6 kW) - 208VAC three-phase input NGPS120050AX
NGPS 200-50E NGPS 200-50 – 10-kW Current- and Voltage-Controlled High-stability Digital Power Supply 200A@50V (10 kW) - 400VAC three-phase input NGPS200050EX
NGPS 200-50A NGPS 200-50 – 10-kW Current- and Voltage-Controlled High-stability Digital Power Supply 200A@50V (10 kW) - 208VAC three-phase input NGPS200050AX
NGPS 140-50E NGPS 140-50 – 7-kW Current- and Voltage-Controlled High-stability Digital Power Supply 140A@50V (7 kW) - 400VAC three-phase input NGPS140050EX

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High-Stability, Efficiency and Low-Noise performance in a single 19"-3U power converter!

The NGPS – New Generation Power Supply – series is a set of power converters that combines our know-how and technology together with the high-end ones of our partner OCEM - Power Electronics into a power supply with outstanding performances and functionalities.

High-efficiency, low-noise and extreme temperature and long-term stability, obtained by the use of a DCCT of the 0-FLUCS technology allow the NGPS units to be the perfect fit for high demanding applications – e.g. particle physics and medical accelerator magnets.

The control loops of current and voltage are performed via a combined FPGA – DSP – ARM technology that enables to obtain the desired dynamic response with any type of different load connected to the power unit.

The architecture allows to get rid of a precision DAC board and a power amplifier: less components, more reliability, less noise, better performances!

CUSTOMIZATION of output ratings is available upon request!

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Temperature stabilization, Ethernet, Fast Interfacing and embedded Linux OS.

The NGPS power units have a temperature stabilized section internally that makes the ambient temperature variations almost negligble, reaching a typical Temperature Coefficient (TC) value below 0.0001 %/°C.

The interfacing to the unit is straightforward: the standard fast interface is a 10/100/1000 TCP-IP Ethernet which gives industrial reliability and performance.
An ultra-fast interface used also to parallel units, is available on the front panel as SFP slot that enables users to digitally run the power unit at an outstanding 10-kHz update rate.

The embedded Linux OS gives maximum flexibility, creating a higher-level of interfacing to the external world. This also allows implementing customer routines and scripts on the unit directly.

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Waveform, Trigger Input, Remote Sensing and Analog Control capability.

The NGPS also has the capability of having its operation synchronized to external events by using an external trigger signal fed via a BNC connector on the rear side.

Remote sensing terminals are also present in order to compensate external voltage drops when running the power unit in C.V. (Constant Voltage) mode - e.g. on the resistance of the cables - thus guaranteeing that the voltage at the load is exactly at the desired value.

An extra analog input, rated at 0 - 10 V and bandwidth at 1 kHz, is also provided for compatibilty with older systems where a DAC was used in order to control the power unit. This feature gives the possibility of gradually upgrading the setups from the older one to the newer ones.

Current and voltage waveforms can also be performed by the NGPS using its capability of easily pre-loading a point-by-point desired waveform and then executing it once needed. In cases where ramping is necessary this feature is extremely useful and improves reliabilty on timings respect to the standard solutions.

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Parallel multiple units to easily reach higher current and power ratings.

The NGPS power converters can be easily connected together and by configuring a master device and multiple slaves, higher power ratings can be reached maintaining the same level of stability and TC.

The parallel connection is performed at the output terminals and the units simply "communicate" together via the fast SFP interface present on the front panel.

This allows using the NGPS as the basic building block for more powerful and complex system, still operating the power supply "bundle" as a single logical unit via a single communication interface.

  • Different current and voltage ratings
  • Up to 200A - 50V (10 kW)
  • 19" - 3U Stand-alone unit
  • Parallel - series connection of multiple units
  • 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet interface
  • 2x Fast SFP interfaces (10 kHz update)
  • Low-noise and ripple - 0-FLUCS transducers for current sensing
  • less than 1 ppm/°C temperature coefficient ("HS" version)
  • Configurable digital control loop for current and voltage
  • Trigger Input and Analog Control Input
  • Internal Protections and auxiliary readbacks
  • Local display and control
  • Embedded Linux OS and EPICS IOC
  • "VISUAL" free software available

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - NMR
Documentation Software/Firmware
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