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Special offers

*On the regular price

What are End of stock Products?

End of stock items are brand new products, end of stock, coming with 12-Month Warranty

What are Refurbished Products?

Refurbished items are used modules that have been reworked and restored by CAEN ELS to a working condition conform with the declared technical specifications. Depending on the models and mainly on obsolescence problems, the duration of the warranty on the refurbished products may range from thirty days to one year.

Examples of Refurbished products

  • returned goods by customers for an order mistake;
  • cases where some shipping damage is involved;
  • demonstration models including cases where the factory packaging was opened and the product incurred in few small scratches during the time spent on display or test;
  • depending on the product, it is also sometimes possible to obtain a service contract on refurbished products that is comparable to service contracts on brand new goods.

Refurbished products are often a great bargain for the clients. Often the defects are usually small and cosmetic in nature, and are not visible to the naked eye. For this reasons refurbished products can be an excellent option at a very competitive price.


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