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Quality & Environmental Policy

CAEN ELS s.r.l. designs and supplies electronic devices as well as complete solutions for several high-tech applications including research centers, particle accelerators and industrial markets all over the world. The development fields are ranging from magnet power supplies to advanced electronic instrumentation for diagnostics. All major national and international facilities and research infrastructures are our customers.

The Board has defined its own Quality & Environmental Policy including objectives and commitments that the Company has decided to set itself and to keep in compliance with the needs and expectations of the Customer. The organization is cognisant of the effect of business decisions on the environment and, where possible, optimises environmentally friendly decisions, making sure that all its activities are carried out in conformance with environmental and other applicable legislation. This policy is a common goal shared by employees and management.

The OBJECTIVES can be summarized as follows:

  • Our success depends on customer satisfaction. Our primary objective is to guarantee to our customers high quality products and services that meet the requirements, to have customers satisfied in their needs, demands and preferences. We undertake for even better performance in every area of our business and each branch is aligned to meet or exceed those expectations;
  • To draw for operational excellence by seeking to maximize customer satisfaction, consolidate our market position and financial results to ensure quality and continuous improvement of our processes, products and services;
  • To make our quality management system effective according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 norms in order to guarantee quality standards of products and services, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement;
  • To continuously improve our environmental efficiency by setting objectives and targets for improvement, integrating them with the objectives of the Quality System;
  • To periodically assess, by means of environmental audits, the environmental performance of the site, the efficiency of the Environmental Management System and its effectiveness with respect to the objectives established in this Policy and in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2015 standard;
  • To ensure compliance with the requirements of Italian legislation and of countries in which we operate with by the involvement of all employees;
  • To guarantee shareholders and stakeholders expectations balancing them in such a way as to ensure primarily the maintenance of the Organization and the company business continuity;
  • To provide a concise, flexible and dynamic organization that reflects the needs of the Company and the market scenario;
  • To pay particular attention to the risk analysis intended as “risk-based thinking” of risks and opportunities in order to make the established objectives reachable;
  • To operate in compliance with current environmental protection legislation and other compliance obligations of interested parties, internal regulations and all requirements arising from contractual agreements with third parties;
  • To minimise the environmental impacts of our activities and, where possible, of the entire life cycle of products and services;
  • To improve energy efficiency;
  • To promote the prevention of pollution generated by company products and services;
  • To continuously monitor and improve, where possible, the performance of our environmental aspects with particular attention to energy consumption and waste production.

Furthermore the COMMITMENTS:

  • To dedicate resources to research for technological innovations on the market that are interesting for company’s core business;
  • To put ourself in a continuous improvement in the supply processes in relation to the Client’s expectations;
  • To favor Management Representative activities, in his role as Quality & Environmental Manager and contact person for the whole system;
  • To maintain a constant application of the ISO norms chosen, of ethical principles and of the cogencies that most impact our territory;
  • To ensure that ethical conduct, safety and health respect, environmental and legal regulations are fundamental prerequisites of our business;
  • To pay attention to the new technologies available, aimed at reducing the consumption of raw materials, energy and natural resources and minimising discharges and emissions in particular;
  • To grow a proactive culture in order to develop sustainable environmental behaviour;
  • To pursue the minimisation and proper disposal of waste and cooperate in the proper collection and eventual management and reuse or recovery of waste;
  • To involve all employees in the Quality and Environmental policy.

BOARD ensures that the QUALITY & ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY, as explicitly defined, is understood, implemented and supported at all levels of the Organization and annually guarantees Objectives review. This policy has been communicated to all employees and made available to interested parties. The disclosure of what is written above is kept in QES documents.

Trieste, 13.02.2024

Click here to download the Quality & Environmental Policy in PDF format.


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