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Source/Sink for Batteries and Superconducting

The FAST-PS-1K5 family has great news!

A NEW optional 19″-1U crate was designed to enable the 4-Quadrant operation at 1.5-kW full-power (https://www.caenels.com/products/fast-ps-1k5/).

This unit is available for the 100 A – 15 V model and the 50 A – 30 V power supplies. This unit is connected to the power supply by a dedicated power cable that allows the system to operate both as power source and power sink.

The specifications, in terms of stability, noise, temperature coefficient, etc. are maintained respect to the stand-alone FAST-PS-1K5 unit. Battery testing – e.g. charge/discharge – as well as superconducting magnet ramp-down procedures have never been easier!