Technical Specifications

Output Current 15-100: ±15 A
30-50: ±30 A
50-30: ±50 A
100-15: ±100 A
Output Voltage 15-100: ±95 V
30-50: ±50 V
50-30: ±30 V
100-15: ±15 V
Maximum Output Power 1.500 W
Topology Bipolar
4-Quadrant Operation with Optional Unit
Control Mode Current (CC) and Voltage (CV) Control
Floating Output Yes - up to 60 V
Remote Sensing up to 0.5 V
Current Sensing 0-FLUCS - High-Precision Current Transducers
Analog Control Input Yes (±10 V, BW = 1 kHz) - optional
Current Setting Resolution 15-100: 150 uA
30-50: 250 uA
50-30: 400 uA
100-15: 800 uA
Voltage Setting Resolution 15-100: 1 mV
30-50: 500 uV
50-30: 300 uV
100-15: 150 uV
Output Readback Resolution 24-bit
Noise + Ripple (rms) < 0.01 % on resistive load
< 0.005 % on 1 mH load
Temperature Coefficient - TC < 0.0002 % / K (CC mode)
< 0.005 % / K (CV mode)
Long Term Stability (8 h) < 0.001 % (CC mode)
< 0.005 % (CV mode)
Analog Bandwidth (-3 dB) > 2 kHz
Maximum Input Power - full scale >= 50A < 50W continuous
>= 50W & < 100W 20 s
>= 100W 1s
Maximum Input Power - full scale < 50A < 25W continuous
>= 25W & < 50W 20 s
>= 50W 1s
Rise Time (@full-load resistive) 130 µs
Control/Communication Interface Ethernet TCP-IP
Local Control Colour display with multi-function navigation switch
External Signals 2 External Interlocks
2 Status signals – 1 magnetic relay and 1 solid-state
Trigger Input
Analog Control Input
Additional Configurable ADC Input
Extra Features Waveform execution
Quench Protection
Remote Firmware Update
Linux OS on-board
Embedded EPICS IOC
Mechanical Dimensions (L × W × H) 19” x 2U x 550 cm
Weight < 15 kg
Operating Temperature 0 ... 45 °C
Efficiency up to 85 %
Input Ratings 90 - 240 VAC
50 / 60 Hz

Ordering Options

Product code Description Ordering Code
FAST-PS-1K5 15-100 1.5-kW Fast High-Stability Current- and Voltage-Controlled Digital Power Supply ±15A@±95V FASTPS015100
FAST-PS-1K5 30-50 1.5-kW Fast High-Stability Current- and Voltage-Controlled Digital Power Supply ±30A@±50V FASTPS030050
FAST-PS-1K5 50-30 4Q 1.5-kW Fast High-Stability Curr. & Volt. Digital PS ±50A@±30V - 4Q READY FAST4R050030
FAST-PS-1K5 100-15 4Q 1.5-kW Fast High-Stability Curr. & Volt. Digital PS ±100A@±15V - 4Q READY FAST4R100015
F1K5-DISS-50-30 4-Quadrant Operation Crate for FAST-PS-1K5 50 A - 30 V - Optional F1K5D4050030
F1K5-DISS-100-15 4-Quadrant Operation Crate for FAST-PS-1K5 100 A - 15 V - Optional F1K5D4100015
SFP Fiber Optic Transceiver 4.25 Gbps SFP Fiber Optic Transceiver, 4.25Gbps 850nm 3 V, ~ 3.6 V LC Duplex Pluggable - FTLF8524P2BNV COMP-GEN0025
Optical Cable Multimode Duplex 0.5-m Optical Cable - OM2-50/125μm, Multimode Duplex, DK-2533-005, length = 0.5 m COMP-BEI0002
Optical Cable Multimode Duplex 10-m Optical Cable - OM2-50/125μm, Multimode Duplex, DK-2533-10, length = 10 m COMP-BEI0007
FAST-PS-1K5 Parallel Crowbar Kit FAST-PS-1K5 Parallel Crowbar Connection KIT CABL-PSS0009

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High-Precision Current and Voltage control for the most demanding applications at higher power - ALL IN ONE!

The FAST-PS-1K5 series is the new generation of bipolar power supplies by CAEN ELS and it is designed in order to have state-of-the-art performances both in current- and voltage-control modes. Models up to 100 A and up to 95 V are available in order to satisfy any need.

The use of a 0-FLUCS DCCT as the sensing element, combined with thermal stabilized electronic sections, make this power supply have the lowest temperature dependence on the market at less than 1 ppm/K.

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Battery Testing and Superconducting Magnets with Source/Sink Capabilities

A NEW optional 19"-1U crate was designed to enable the 4-Quadrant operation at the 1.5-kW full-power. This unit is available for the 100 A - 15 V model and the 50 A - 30 V power supplies. This unit is connected to the power supply by a dedicated power cable that allows the system to operate both as power source and power sink. The specifications, in terms of stability, noise, temperature coefficient, etc. are maintained respect to the stand-alone FAST-PS-1K5 unit. Battery testing - e.g. charge/discharge - as well as superconducting magnet ramp-down procedures have never been easier!

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Low-noise and the lowest temperature dependence on the market at 1 ppm/K

The 10/100/1000 Ethernet connection and the two SFP slots allow controlling the power converter in different modes.

The control loop, as for most of CAEN ELS power supplies, is digital in order to obtain the maximum flexibility and easiness of configuration to any connected load – e.g. resistive, capacitive or inductive.

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Quench protection for SuperConducting (SC) magnet applications

The FAST-PS-1K5 can be controlled either in current- or voltage-control modes and both control loops can be remotely configured.

Internal protections – e.g. over-voltage, over-current - are implemented as well as external interlocks are present. A quench protection feature is embedded in order to use these power units with superconducting magnets.

Features like waveforms, triggers, etc. are also present in these state-of-the-art units that also embed a Linux OS to give the maximum flexibility.

An embedded Web-Server also includes an oscilloscope feature with the possibility to monitor 4 channels - e.g. output current and voltage - at 100 ksps.

The units can be also locally controlled via a display and a local interface in order to set or monitor the main parameters and status of the power supply.

  • 19” – 2U stand-alone unit
  • Models up to 100 A and up to 95 V
  • Configurable digital control loop
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet interface
  • 4-Quadrant operation with optional 19” – 1U crate
  • PARALLEL operation
  • Current or Voltage regulation
  • Low noise and Ripple - 0-FLUCS DCCT
  • 1 ppm/K (typ.) temperature dependence
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Quench protection for SC magnets
  • External relay (user-controlled) for specific applications
  • External Analog Control, Trigger and configurable auxiliary ADC Inputs
  • Fast SFP interface (10 kHz update)
  • Embedded Linux OS
  • Embedded Web-Server

  • Superconducting Magnets
  • Military and Aerospace
  • Industrial / Plant Operation
  • Battery, Supercapacitor, Fuel Cell Testing
  • Motor & Magnet Drives
Documentation Software/Firmware
FAST-PS-1K5 - Product Presentation Last update: 2022-04-22 10:02:40

FAST-PS-1K5 - User's Manual v2.2 Last update: 2021-03-10 13:58:50

F1K5-DISS - User's Manual v1.0 Last update: 2021-01-15 13:16:05

Remote Control Manual rev1.12 Last update: 2020-06-29 12:03:49

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