Technical Specifications

Input Channels 8
Input Connector Type Triaxial - LEMO 00.650 Series (EPL.00.650)
Current Input Full-Scale Ranges AMC-PICO-8:
±1 mA
±1 µA

±10 mA
±500 µA
Maximum Sampling Frequency 1 MSPS (per channel)
Equivalent Signal-to-Noise RNG0: > 100 dB
RNG1: > 90 dB
Current Resolution 2 nA
2 pA
Bandwidth (-3dB) > 10 kHz
Temperature Coefficient - TC 10 ppm/°C
Differential TC < 25 ppm/°C
Front End Isolation Voltage ± 300 V
Board Size Double-Width - Mid-Size
Standard MicroTCA.4: AMC.0, AMC.1
Module Management: IPMI Version 1.5, MMC V1.0
Compatibility Zone3 Classification: Class D1.1
AMC Backplane Support: Full
Trigger inputs Internal,
AMC port #17 RX
AMC port #18 RX
AMC port #19 RX
AMC port #20 RX
Operating Temperature 0...50°C

Ordering Options

Product code Description Ordering Code
AMC-PICO-8 8-channel AMC – MTCA.4 Bipolar Floating Picoammeter Board AMCPICO8XAAA
AMC-PICO-8-C1 8-channel AMC – MTCA Bipolar Float. Picoammeter (±160 uA, ±13 uA, BW=35 kHz) AMCPICO8C1XA
AMC-PICO-8-C2 8-channel AMC – MTCA Bipolar Float. Picoammeter (±10 mA, ±500 uA, BW=300 kHz) AMCPICO8C2XA

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The CAEN ELS AMC-PICO-8 is an eight channel picoammeter AMC board in MTCA.4 format. The analog front-end allows measuring bipolar currents up to ±10 mA (different ranges available) with maximum sampling rate of 1 MSPS.

The analog front-end is composed of a specially designed transimpedance input stage for current sensing combined with analog signal conditioning and filtering stages making use of state-of-the-art electronics. The 20-bit resolution is obtained from independent, simultaneous sampling and low-delay SAR (Successive Approximation Register) Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs).

Different versions are commercially available.
Each channel has two full-scale measuring ranges, up to ±1 mA and ±1 µA (AMC-PICO-8 version, with bandwidth of 10 kHz) or up to ±10 mA and ±500 µA (AMC-PICO-8-C2 version, with bandwidth of 300 kHz) and the current source can be floating up to ±300 V respect to the chassis ground. The floating capability of the inputs is perfectly suitable for applications where the detector or current source needs to be biased.

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The analog front end is designed in order to achieve LOW NOISE, LOW TEMPERATURE DEPENDENCY and extremely SMALL UNBALANCE BETWEEN CHANNELS.

The analog characteristics are further improved with calibration. Calibration data are stored in the on-board EEPROM memory and are loaded in the signal-processing logic on power-up.

The on board Virtex-5 FPGA performs the conversion from "raw" values acquired from ADCs to a single-precision floating point numbers, representing the measured current in amperes. The floating point format is highly suitable for additional post-processing. The signal-processing logic can also be configured to capture the signal on certain trigger condition. Additionally, the internal memory can also be programmed to store data before trigger condition happens, providing a valuable data to user.

The communication with Virtex-5 FPGA is performed with the PCI express bus. All system parameters (e.g. analog front-end range, sampling frequency) can be achieved by writing to appropriate registers from PCI express. The FPGA also embeds a Scatter-Gather DMA which can be used to transfer data to PCI express root port (e.g. CPU).

  • 8 current-input channels
  • 1 MSPS @ 20-bit per channel
  • Dual Indipendent Bipolar Floating Ranges
  • Different versions for different input scale ranges and bandwidths
  • Double-width AMC board
  • Very low temperature dependency
  • Data processing on Virtex-5 FPGA
  • PCI-e (x4) communication on AMC
  • Four low-latency links on AMC
  • External Clock/Trigger input on front panel

Documentation Software/Firmware
AMC-PICO-8 - Product Presentation rev.2.0 Last update: 2020-12-23 13:34:12

AMC-PICO-8 - User's Manual v1.2 Last update: 2019-06-27 11:43:07

AMC-PICO-8 Linux Driver DKMS (1.0.8) Last update: 2016-03-09 11:13:02
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Note: Linux OS

AMC-PICO-8 Linux Driver (1.0.8) Last update: 2016-03-09 11:13:54
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Note: Linux OS

AMC-PICO-8 Oscilloscope (1.2) Last update: 2017-11-24 14:27:17
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AMC-PICO-8 Oscilloscope (1.2.3) Last update: 2020-07-24 10:01:58
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AMC-PICO-8 Linux Driver (1.2.3) Last update: 2020-07-24 10:01:59
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Note: Linux OS

AMC-PICO-8 Firmware (1.0.12) Last update: 2020-07-24 10:02:47
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AMC-PICO-8 Firmware (1.0.11) Last update: 2020-07-24 10:02:47
0.61 MB

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