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Ready to deliver 8 MW of Power to APS-U

Ready to deliver 8 MW of Power to APS-U

CAEN ELS is proud to be installing, together with its US partner and distributor CAEN Technologies Inc., over 1.000 power converters at APS – Argonne Photon Source, Argonne National Lab, U.S.A. for the APS-U project.

Argonne’s APS facility operates, in a nut-shell, as a giant X-ray microscope; it produces extremely bright and focused X-rays peering through dense materials, illuminating their structure, showing the chemistry of matter at the molecular and atomic level.

As comparison, the X-rays produced at today’s APS are up to one billion times brighter than the X-rays produced in a typical dentist office. This brightness (unachievable through other tools!) allows to dramatically accelerate impactful discoveries in science and technology.

For their operation, these complex machines need several different tools and instruments at the state-of-the-art level. These machines accelerate electrons to nearly the speed of light, taking advantage of the X-ray radiation produced through the deflection of such electrons.

In order to stabilize, focus/defocus, redirect and deflect the electron beam, a large number (> 1.000) of electromagnets is used. Such electromagnets are driven using controllable power converters which must be:

  • As stable as possible;
  • As durable as possible;
  • As unaffected as possible by environmental temperature changes;
  • As unaffected as possible by AC mains line changes;
  • As unaffected as possible by load changes;
  • (and many other state-of-the-art features are needed!).

CAEN ELS is honored to have been appointed, after the design, manufacturing and extensive testing of prototypes, as the supplier for this challenging installation.

We are thrilled to deliver almost 8 MW of power and a total of 226 kA with unmatched performances in the world of power solutions!

Grazie to our first-class team that made all this possible!


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