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Technical Specifications

Output Current Range "0112" model: ±1 A
"0220" model: ±2 A
"0520" model: ±5 A
"1020" model: ±10 A
Output Voltage Range "0112" model: ±12 V
"0220", "0520" and "1020" model: ±20 V
Maximum Output Power "0112" model: 12 W
"0220" model: 40 W
"0520" model: 100 W
"1020" model: 200 W
Output Topology Bipolar
Current Setting Resolution "0112" model: 35 µA
"0220" model: 65 µA
"0520" model: 160 µA
"1020" model: 320 µA
Output Current Readback Resolution 20 bit
Output Current Readback Resolution 20 bit
Output Current Ripple (on 1 mH load) < 40 ppm/FS
Output Current Long-Term Stability (8 hrs) 40 ppm/FS
Switching Frequency 104 kHz
External Interlock/Status 1 Input: External Fault
1 Output: Power Supply Status
Internal Interlocks DC-Link Under-Voltage
Hardware Protections Input Fuses
Passive Crowbar (Over-Voltage)
Auxiliary Readbacks DC-Link Voltage
MOSFET Temperature
Shunt Temperature
Cooling Front-to-Rear Air Convection
Control System Drivers EPICS
Connectivity Ethernet 10/100 Mbit TCP-IP or UDP
Extra-Features User-settable Slew Rate
Firmware remote update
Mechanical Dimensions 19" x 1U x 264 mm (295 mm with output connectors)
Weight 4 kg
Input Ratings 90-260 VAC
47/63 Hz
Local Indicators LCD Display
6 LEDs

Ordering Options

Product code Description Ordering Code
EASY-DRIVER 0112 EASY - DRIVER 0112 - Digital Bipolar Current Power Supply (±1 A@±12 V - 12 W) EASYDRV0112A
EASY-DRIVER 0220 EASY - DRIVER 0220 - Digital Bipolar Current Power Supply (±2 A@±20 V - 40 W) EASYDRV0220A
EASY-DRIVER 0520 EASY - DRIVER 0520 - Digital Bipolar Current Power Supply (±5 A@±20 V - 100 W) EASYDRV0520A
EASY-DRIVER 1020 EASY - DRIVER 1020 - Digital Bipolar Current Power Supply (±10 A@±20 V - 200 W) EASYDRV1020A
EASY-DRIVER 1020 C001 Digital Bipolar Current Power Supply (±10 A@±20 V - 200 W) with 24 VDC Interlock Input EDRV1020C001

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The EASY-DRIVER series is a new family of current-controlled bipolar power supplies with Ethernet communication.

The series is composed of different models of digital bipolar power supplies differing by their output ratings: ±1 A@±12 V, ±2 A@±20 V,±5 A@±20 V and ±10 A@±20 V bipolar units are commercially available.

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The digital current control loop makes the connection and configuration of the power supply to any load quick and simple.

Despite being the perfect replacement for the SY2064 system modules, the EASY-DRIVER is a perfect solution also for stand-alone and laboratory equipment.

The current control loop, as for most of CAEN ELS power supplies, is digital in order to obtain the maximum flexibility and easiness of configuration to any connected load.
The EASY-DRIVER models present the best performance-to-price ratio, having excellent characteristics while keeping the price at low values.

Low noise and high bandwidth are only two of the main features of these power units, based on a multi-DSP architecture.
Internal protections – e.g. over-voltage, over-temperature and others - are implemented as well as an external interlock signal is present. The circuitry to discharge inductive loads is also embedded.

The EASY-DRIVER unit also has a local display in order to locally monitor the output current and output voltage of the unit. LED indicators summarize the status of the power supply in real-time.

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Control made EASY!

The 10/100 Mbit standard Ethernet connection allows controlling the power converter in a very simple and reliable way, especially for large installations.

The use of TCP-IP protocol (UDP also available) with a simple ASCII command list makes the task of interfacing to the power supply units very easy.

The VISUAL EASY-DRIVER free software application can be downloaded directly on the website and gives a plug-and-play tool to immediately operate the power converter. EPICS IOC is available upon request especially for scientific customers that want to integrate the EASY-DRIVER in a large accelerator control system.

  • 19" - 1U stand-alone unit
  • Versions up to ±10 A and ±20 V
  • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet TCP-IP interface
  • Digital current regulation loop
  • Low-noise output
  • Internal protections and auxiliary readbacks
  • External interlock and status signals
  • Extended input range (90-260 VAC)
  • "VISUAL" free software available

Documentation Software/Firmware
EASY-DRIVER - Product Presentation Last update: 2021-02-12 17:46:22

EASY-DRIVER - User's Manual v1.19 Last update: 2021-02-12 17:47:28

Visual EASY-DRIVER - Quick Start Guide V1.1 Last update: 2017-12-22 08:56:03

Easy-Driver Labview Driver (1.0) Last update: 2016-06-13 17:21:28
0.24 MB
Note: Labview

Visual Easy-Driver Installer (1.3) Last update: 2021-07-16 09:11:50
23.48 MB
Note: Windows OS

Easy-Driver EPICS Driver (0.1.35) Last update: 2016-06-13 17:22:32
0.1 MB
Note: EPICS Driver

Easy-Driver Firmware (1.5.0) Last update: 2021-07-16 09:12:43
0.04 MB
Note: Firmware

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