Technical Specifications

Current Transformer Ratio - N CT-13: 1:250
CT-26: 1:500
CT-52: 1:1000
Maximum DC Primary Current - IP(DC) CT-13: ±13 A
CT-26: ±26 A
CT-52: ±52 A
Current Polarity Bipolar
Maximum DC Secondary current - IS(DC) ±52 mA
External Shunt Resistor Value - RS 0 ... 40 Ω
Small Signal Bandwidth (±3dB) - typ. BW 500 kHz
200 kHz ("V"-version)
Equivalent Input Noise (@Bandwidth) * < 1 ppm/FS @ 200 Hz
< 10 ppm/FS @ 50 kHz
Output Voltage ("V"-version) - VOUT ±10.4 V
Output Voltage Gain - VOUT/IP(DC) CT-13V: 0.8 V/A
CT-26V: 0.4 V/A
CT-52V: 0.2 V/A
Maximum Output Current ("V"-version) ±15 mA
Temperature Coefficient - TC < 0.5 ppm/°C
typ. < 2 ppm/°C ("V"-version)
Maximum Total Output Offset * < 10 ppm / FS
Protection Signal OK Status
Supply Voltage (±6%) ±15 V
Secondary Coil Resistance - RSEC 42 ohm
Mounting 16-pin through-hole PCB mounting
Mechanical Dimensions 66 x 68 x 48 mm
Operating Temperature Range 0°C ... +50°C for CT-13
0°C ... +50°C for CT-26
0°C ... +40°C for CT-52
Accuracy typ. * < 30 ppm / FS
< 0.25% / FS (“V” - version)
Maximum Weight 300 g
* These specifications are guaranteed only when the CT sensor is used with the dedicated CAEN ELS PS1215 power supply

Ordering Options

Product code Description Ordering Code
CT-13 13 A Primary Current 0-FLUCS, PCB-Mounting WCT13XAAAAAA
CT-13V 13 A Primary Current 0-FLUCS, PCB-Mounting, Voltage Output WCT13VXAAAAA
CT-26 26 A Primary Current 0-FLUCS, PCB-Mounting WCT26XAAAAAA
CT-26V 26 A Primary Current 0-FLUCS, PCB-Mounting, Voltage Output WCT26VXAAAAA
CT-52 52 A Primary Current 0-FLUCS, PCB-Mounting WCT52XAAAAAA
CT-52V 52 A Primary Current 0-FLUCS, PCB-Mounting, Voltage Output WCT52VXAAAAA
CT-0.05% CT - Voltage Output Accuracy < 0.05 % WCTCUST0500X

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The 0-FLUCS (0-FLUx Current Sensor) is based on a closed loop technology that allows accurate and precise monitoring of DC and AC currents with high bandwidth.

The metal casing guarantees higher noise immunity and reduces undesired noise pick-up from external sources.

The transducers CT-13, CT-26 and CT-52 are PCB-mount devices rated at maximum currents of 13 A, 26 A and 52 A with primary to secondary transformation ratio of 1:250, 1:500 and 1:1000 respectively.

Galvanic isolation between the primary and the secondary circuits allows to measure currents at a different potential and simplifies interfacing if using the 0-FLUCS as the feedback element of current regulated power supplies.

Output from the 0-FLUCS sensors can be chosen between two different versions: standard secondary current output or buffered voltage output (low temperature coefficient shunt resistor and low-noise amplifier are embedded in the CT-13V, CT-26V and CT-52V versions).

Main characteristics of the 0-FLUCS current transformers are negligible temperature coefficient on the secondary output current, excellent linearity and extremely low noise.

DC current transformers represents the ideal replacement for systems where Hall-effect sensors are used as current sensing elements and better performances are needed.

0-FLUCS exclusive technology allows the user to obtain performances which cannot be reached with other current sensing techniques.

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0-FLUCS Exclusive Technology - An Overview

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Due to the excellent characteristics, the 0-FLUCS transformers can be used in a variety of calibration, acceptance testing and quality control applications in the industrial and automotive fields.

The compact mechanical dimensions of this transducer series and its limited weight allows easy mounting on printed circuit boards with a Through Hole (TH) topology.

Main application fields for these current transducers are precise and extremely stable regulated power supplies and power inverters.

Commercially available versions of the PCB-mount 0-FLUCS current transformers are the current-output CT-13, CT-26 and CT-52 with their respective "V" voltage-output versions CT-13V, CT-26V and CT-52V.

  • 13 A, 26 A and 52 A Full-Scale versions
  • Monitoring of DC and AC currents
  • Excellent Linearity
  • Closed-loop Detection
  • Extremely Low-Noise
  • Galvanically isolated from the primary
  • Low Temperature Drift
  • Current-output or Voltage-output versions
  • Wide Bandwidth
  • High-Accuracy
  • Small-sized PCB Mount versions
  • INTERNAL Primary Conductor
  • 3-year extended warranty

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