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DC Current Transducers based on 0-FLUCS Technology


How Does It Work?

This technology is recognized to be the best choice for ultra-high performances in current sensing. Born in the 70’s at CERN, the 0-FLUCS technology uses intrinsic properties of the hysteresis loop in ferromagnetic materials to detect the current flowing in a toroid following the fourth Maxwell’s Equation (Ampere’s Law).

Thanks to these properties, 0-FLUCS technology achieves state-of-the-art performance which cannot be reached by solid state devices due to their nature, and it remains the n° 1 choice in terms of
accuracy, stability, precision, offset, linearity, temperature dependence and insulation from the primary conductor (the current to be measured), together with the ability to read AC and DC currents up to kAmps.

Explanation Video

This simple but technical video presentation allows to get more acquainted with this exclusive technology and its principles:

Product Catalogue

Extensive Research & Development were employed to optimize the operation of these current transducers based on 0-FLUCS technology.

The current sensors need dedicated and very specific ferromagnetic toroids together with an optimized precision fabrication process in order to obtain the correct architecture. The embedded electronic circuits and the closed-loop control have to match many different needs and high-end targets in terms of stability, precision and cleanliness of the signal chain.

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