Low-Noise +12 V (14 W) Power Supply

Low-noise fixed-voltage (12 V) power supply for optimal operation of precise and accurate instrumentation

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Low-noise for optimal operation of precise and accurate instrumentation.

The PS1112S by CAEN ELS is a single-output (+12 V) mixed switching-linear power supply that is designed in order to obtain low-noise operation and high efficiency and it is especially suited for precision systems and devices where switching power supplies could corrupt measuring noise, accuracy and precision.

The power supply is housed in a robust and compact stainless steel box that can be placed next to the supplied device in order to reduce cable lengths and minimize consequent possible noise pick-up.

The maximum output current for the PS1112S is rated at 1.2 A with derating curves under a certain threshold of the AC mains input voltage.

Critical applications require low-noise power for the measuring instruments.

CAEN ELS uses the PS1112S to supply the TetrAMM series of multi-channel electrometers / picoammeters in order to obtain the rated specifications.

Mixed switching-linear design for optimal compromise between noise figure and efficiency.

The specific design with a cascaded switching and a linear regulation power stage allows reaching a total noise and ripple value in the DC – 1 MHz range of 0.003 % RMS and of 0.025 % peak-to-peak.


  • +12 V Output Voltage
  • Maximum Output Current: 1.2 A
  • Ripple + Noise lower than 0.003 % (RMS)
  • Input Voltage Range: 90 - 260 V
  • Input Frequency Range: 47 - 63 Hz
  • Designed for Precision Instrumentation and Devices

Technical specifications

  • WPS1112SXAAA



Output Voltage

+12 V

Output Voltage Tolerance

11.65 V - 12.35 V

Maximum Output Power

14.4 W

Maximum Output Current

1.2 A

Output Ripple + Noise (DC - 1 MHz)

0.003 % RMS
0.025 % PEAK-PEAK

AC Line Voltage Input

90 - 260 VAC

AC Line Voltage Frequency

47 - 63 Hz

Input to Output Isolation

3 kV

Output to Earth-Case Isolation

500 V

Hold-up Time - typ.

16 ms @ 115 V


Natural air convection


1 LED (+12 V Power Good)


Output Short-Circuit
Output Over-Voltage

Cable Length - standard

3 m


136.4 x 41 x 90.7 mm

Maximum Weight

600 g

Ordering options

Ordering code




PS1112S, AC/DC Single Output +12 V, 1.2 A, Low-Noise Power Supply with 3-m output cable


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No firmware or software available.

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