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CAEN ELS @ GSI Roadshow in September 2019

In order to strengthen interaction between business and science technology transfer of GSI for Heavy Ion Research GmbH organizes regularly roadshows on the campus of GSI. Thereby existing contacts can be maintained and new ones can be made.


  • The roadshow offers companies from different sectors the opportunity to present their latest developments and their product portfolio.
  • The presentation of the product portfolio is carried out by an exhibition booth on campus along with a presentation, to which all employees of GSI are invited.
  • As a communication platform the roadshow enables networking of industrial companies with staff of FAIR and GSI in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • The technology transfer identifies interesting departments of FAIR and GSI for your business and arranges a contact during the roadshow on request.


CAEN ELS is very glad to announce that it will participate to this event on September 19th, 2019. We will present all our product lines:

  • High-Performance Power Supplies
  • Precision Current Measurements
  • Beamline Electronic Instrumentation
  • MicroTCA and FMC

Link to the GSI Roadshow website

We look forward to meeting you in Darmstadt soon!

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