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Frequently Asked Questions



Q. Where can I find the last Firmware/Software version for my CAEN ELS device?
A. You can download the last firmware/software version for your device on our download area or in the respective tabs of the product sheet.

Q. How do I connect to an Ethernet device, i.e. IP address and port, if I don’t remember the previous configuration?
A. All CAENels products are (or can be) purchased with an Ethernet 10/100 connection in order to be controlled. On the SY3634, SY3632, PS120050 and PS135040 system power supplies, the module IP address (and the MAC address as well) can be read from the “Connectivity” menu on the color display. The factory configured standard port is 10001. Other devices are always shipped with a standard configuration which can be found on a label attached to the device itself (usually TCP-IP, IP, port 10001). In order to connect to the device it is important that you configure the client computer on the same subnet as the device ( is fine). You can also install the DeviceInstaller software, which can be found on the Lantronix® website, i.e. (further information can be found on the specific device CAENels manual).

Q. What is the maximum reading/setting rate for a the SY2604, the SY3634, the SY3662 and DiRAC power supply modules?
A. Current and other parameters can be individually set or read at a maximum rate of 200 Hz (i.e. 5 ms) over TCP-IP on each one of the cited power supply modules. A specific command, called “feedback” command, was especially developed in order to set/read power supply current and status with a single command-reply couple and it is actually used to run the FERMI@Elettra Free Electron Laser shot-by-shot 50-Hz feedback system.

Q. Are LabVIEW drivers available for my CAEN ELS device?
A. Yes, CAENels devices have their own LabVIEW GUI or driver packages that can be directly downloaded from the specific product web page (“Software/Firmware” tab).


Q. Can I install power supply modules with different current ratings on the same SY3634 system?
A. Yes, that is the main feature of the SY3634 heterogeneous power supply system. Up to four A3605BS, A3610BS, A3620BS and A3630BS modules, rated respectively at 5A, 10A, 20A and 30A are commercially available and can be indiscriminately installed/mixed on the same SY3634 crate. The only “common” item, which also defines the rated output voltage of all the modules, is the external bulk power supply (12V and 24 volts are commercially available).

Q. Should I get an external fan unit in order to use a magnet power supply system?
A. No, each module that can be installed on the SY3634, the SY3662 or the PS120050 and PS135040 has its own cooling fans system with a front to rear air flux. Module fans speed is also regulated by an output current related hysteretic algorithm in order to increase lifetime and reliability.
The only system that needs an external fan unit is the SY2604 system (fans are already included in the SY2604 – Crate product code).

Q. What are the main differences between the AH401D and the AH501D picoammeter?
A. The AH401D is a charge-integration picoammeter while the AH501D is a special transimpedance amplifier (which directly converts the input current to be measured into a proportional voltage). The AH501D is capable of measuring both positive and negative input currents (bipolar) while the AH401D only positive ones. The charge integration stage is usually used when there are short pulses to be measured (for example, FEL bunches) and there is the need to measure all the charge that is present in the single bunch.
In addition to this, the AH501D has an integrated low-noise voltage source that allows biasing a detector (e.g. diamond detector).


Q. How do I request a quote for a CAEN ELS device?
A. Quotations can be directly requested at


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