Technical Specifications

Output Current Ranges ± 100 A
± 150 A
± 200 A
± 300 A
± 400 A
± 600 A
± 1000 A
Output Voltage Ranges ± 5 V
± 10 V
± 20 V
± 50 V
± 100 V
± 200 V
Maximum Controllable Power 200 kW
Regulation Type Constant Current (CC) or Constant Voltage (CV)
Current Setting/Readback Resolution 24 bit
Voltage Setting/Readback Resolution 24 bit
Output Readback Resolution 24 bit
Line Regulation (±10% variation) < 0.0001 %/FS in CC mode
Load Regulation (±10% variation) < 0.0001 %/FS in CC mode
Temperature Coefficient (TC) < 0.0002 %/K in CC mode
< 0.005 %/K in CV mode
Long-Term Stability (8 h) < 0.001 %/FS in CC mode
< 0.001 %/FS in CV mode
Overall Accuracy < 0.01 %/FS in CC mode
< 0.01 %/FS in CV mode
Output Control Interfaces Analog Voltage Output: ± 5 V or ± 10 V
Analog Current Output: 4 - 20 mA
8 x High-Resoltion optical PWM outputs
External Interlocks 4 x inputs accepting dry-contacts
2 x inputs accepting 24 VDC (e.g. from PLC)
External Hardware Interfaces 2 x output magnetic relay
2 x output solid state relay
2 x output isolated TTL (0 - 5 V) signals
External Signals 1 x Analog control input (±10 V full-scale, 100 ksps @ 16 bit)
1 x Analog input (+4 V full-scale, 100 ksps @ 16 bit) - e.g. readout of an Hall probe
1 x 5-V or 20-mA configurable power output available - e.g. to supply an Hall probe
1 x isolated SPI interface (4-wire)
1 x External Temperature sensor Input, including 1.8 V and 3.3 V supply for the temperature sensor
2 x Optical “Fault” Input Signals - e.g. from IGBT modules
1 x isolated Trigger Input
1 x Sync IN and 1 x Sync OUT signals - i.e. to synchronize multiple controllers
Connectivity 1 x Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit TCP-IP or UDP
2 x SFP+ (6.25 Gbps)
Extra Features Embedded Web-Server
4-channel Embedded Oscilloscope Function at 100 ksps
Embedded Waveform Generator
Embedded EPICS IOC
Firmware Remote Update
Paralleling and Synchronization of Multiple Units
Local Indicators LCD display
Mechanical Dimensions 19” x 1 U x 230 mm
Weight < 2 kg
AC Input Ratings 90 - 264 VAC @ 47 - 63 Hz

Ordering Options

Product code Description Ordering Code
REGUL8OR Universal High-Precision Power Supply Controller REGUL8ORXAAA
REGUL8OR-PWM Universal High-Precision Power Supply Controller w/ 8 PWM Optical Outputs REGUL8ORPWMX

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The REGUL8OR is a universal power supply controller that allows converting your standard power supply or amplifier in a state-of-the-art multi-function power converter

This breakthrough power supply controller allows converting your programmable power supply unit or amplifier in a state-of the-art power converter unit with built-in Web-Server, Waveform Generation and Oscilloscope functions.

This fan-less unit comes together with a 0-FLUCS current transducer by CAEN ELS and with voltage sensing terminals, with current measuring ranges up to 1.000 A and 200 V.

Any power converter within these ratings can be connected to the controller and its current and voltage values are monitored and stabilized by the internal configurable digital control loop (on a FPGA) so that any load conditions can be easily fit in order to obtain the desired response.

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The digital current control loop makes the connection and configuration of the power supply to any load quick and simple

This controller will transform any power converter to a ppm-level stability power unit, with negligible line and load regulation values and will greatly improve the accuracy.

The programmable power supply connected to the REGUL8OR can be driven by multiple interfaces: a precision fast DAC (± 5 V or ± 10 V), a 4-20 mA loop driver or optional optically-isolated PWM signals.

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Obtain outstanding long-term stability, great accuracy, low temperature coefficient, excellent load and line regulation

The 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet connection over TCP-IP or UDP allows controlling the power converter in a very simple and reliable manner and also accessing the embedded web-server.

The embedded Web-Server allows running pre-loaded or custom waveforms at 100 ksps and monitor and record the response of different values – e.g. output current, voltage, etc. – at 100 ksps per channel simultaneously (soft-oscilloscope).

  • Voltage and Current Control
  • Up to ±200 V and ±1.000 A
  • 100 kHz Digital Regulation Loop
  • Used with 0-FLUCS current transducers
  • Waveform Generation at 100 kHz
  • Embedded 4-channel Oscilloscope
  • Embedded Web-Server
  • External Configurable Interlocks and Status Signals
  • External Signals for Analog Control, Analog Acquisition, Hall Probes and Temperature Sensors
  • Local Display and Controls
  • 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet
  • Synchronization of multiple units
  • 19”-1U stand-alone crate
  • Fanless operation

  • Programmable Power Supply
  • Power Source Emulation
Documentation Software/Firmware
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