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Technical Specifications

Rated Output Voltage ± 2 kV (per channel)
Rated Output Current ± 0.5 mA (per channel)
Rated Output Power 1 W (per channel)
Input Voltage 85-264 V(AC) @ 47-63 Hz
Channels 8 channels / board
Boards up to 6 boards / system – i.e. 48 channels
Setting Resolution 75 mV
Output Noise and Ripple 10 mVpk-pk (typ.)
Long Term Stability (8h) < 50 ppm/FS
Temperature Stability < 50 ppm/K
Interlocks Configurable external interlocks
Hardware Protections 500V differential voltage between adjacent channels
Cooling Integrated - forced air convection
Drivers EPICS
Communication Interface 10/100/1000 Ethernet TCP-IP
Software Internal Web Server with different users’ privileges:
–- power user
–- user
–- generic
Mechanical Dimensions 19" wide - 4U high Euro-mechanics rack

Ordering Options

Product code Description Ordering Code
HV-ADAPTOS-8 8-channel High Voltage ADAPTive Optics Supply system (±2kV@0.5mA) with Web Server and EPICS IOC WADAPTOS08XA
HV-ADAPTOS-16 16-channel High Voltage ADAPTive Optics Supply system (±2kV@0.5mA) with Web Server and EPICS IOC WADAPTOS16XA
HV-ADAPTOS-24 24-channel High Voltage ADAPTive Optics Supply system (±2kV@0.5mA) with Web Server and EPICS IOC WADAPTOS24XA
HV-ADAPTOS-32 32-channel High Voltage ADAPTive Optics Supply system (±2kV@0.5mA) with Web Server and EPICS IOC WADAPTOS32XA

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The HV-ADAPTOS is a multi-channel High-Voltage (HV) bipolar power supply system especially developed to control, monitor and safely operate bimorph mirrors.

The system is composed by a standard 19" - 4U crate containing a CPU board, integrated cooling, power supply sources and the HV boards.
Up to 6 independent HV boards, each one housing 8 channels – rated at ± 2kV @ ± 0.5mA – can be installed into the system crate.
Every HV board has dedicated internal protections that limits differential voltage between adjacent channel outputs to 500V. This behavior is required in order to protect the mirror from damages and it allows safe operation of the overall optical system.
Each HV board also has an OVP (Over Voltage Protection) output and an OVP input connector in order to daisy-chain the differential protection – i.e. 500V – between channels of different boards.
Other hardware-dedicated protections – e.g. passive emergency output discharging – are implemented for the specific application.

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Internal Web Server application dedicated to bimorph mirror control and operation.

The HV-ADAPTOS system includes an internal web server software dedicated to bimorph mirror control and monitoring and allows to simultaneously control more than one mirror with a single system. The 8-channel boards can also be collected into different groups, each one associated with 8, 16, 24 or 32 number of electrodes.

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Embedded EPICS IOC for easiness of integration into the beamline control system.

Three different levels of users’ privileges (power user, user and generic) with different features and accessibility to configuring-setting reading are implemented. The possibility to dynamically assign individual HV channels to “super-electrodes“ within the same group is also provided.
Communication to the HV-ADAPTOS system is guaranteed by means of a 10/100/1000 Ethernet interface over standard TCP-IP protocol.
EPICS drivers are integrated into the system crate and easily allows interfacing to the control system.
The system also includes proprietary creep and hysteresis control and minimization routines.

The HV channels connected to the same mirror move in a coordinated manner in order not to make OVP trip during setpoint changes.
External interlocks - e.g. vacuum - both passive and dry-contact are available.

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Distributed and Supported Exclusively by our partner S.RI. Tech

The HV-ADAPTOS system is distributed and supported exclusively by our partner S.RI. Tech!
Dedicated support and in-depth know-how of bimorph mirror design and operation is given by one of the top-class partners in this accelerator application.
Please get in contact with S.RI. Tech at SRI_Tech@pec.it for any inquiry or information about this high voltage system.

  • up to 48 HV channels per system
  • ± 2kV @ ± 0.5mA output ratings
  • Compact mechanical dimensions
  • Internal Hardware protections
  • Excellent long-term output stability
  • Standard Ethernet connectivity
  • Web Server application with mirror-dedicated software
  • Proprietary creep and hysteresis control and minimization routines
  • External interlocks (active + passive)
  • Integrated EPICS IOC
  • Integrated system cooling
  • Extended Input Range
  • Capabilities to control more than one mirror with a single system

Documentation Software/Firmware
HV-ADAPTOS - Product Presentation Last update: 2015-05-01 11:49:31

HV-ADAPTOS - User's Manual Last update: 2015-05-01 11:53:29

HV-ADAPTOS - TCP-IP and EPICS IOC Command Reference Last update: 2015-05-01 11:54:57

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