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Technical Specifications

Board Type FPGA Mezzanine Card - FMC VITA 57.1
FMC Connector Type LPC - HPC compliant
Number of Channels 4
Resolution 20 bits
Current Polarity Bipolar
Full-Scale Current FMC-PICO-1M4:
RNG0: ± 1 mA
RNG1: ± 1 µA

RNG0: ± 10 mA
RNG1: ± 500 µA
Maximum Sampling Rate 1 MSPS
Equivalent Signal-to-Noise RNG0: > 100 dB
RNG1: > 90 dB
Resolution RNG0: 2 nA
RNG1: 2 pA
Conversion Time 650 ns
Input Connectors Triaxial - LEMO 00.650 Series
Coaxial - LEMO upon request
Bandwidth (-3dB) > 10 kHz
Temperature Coefficient - TC 10 ppm/°C
Unbalance of Input Channels < 0.05 % without calibration service
Differential TC < 25 ppm/°C
Other Features - signal ground floating up to ±300V
- trigger / SoC signal on FMC connector
- range selection on FMC connector
- calibration service (optional)
- customization of the input ranges (optional)

Ordering Options

Product code Description Ordering Code
FMC-PICO-1M4 4-channel 20-bit 1 MSPS FMC Floating Ammeter FMCPICO1M4XA
FMC-PICO-1M4-C3 4-channel FMC Bipolar Floating Picoammeter (±10 mA, ±500 μA, BW=300 kHz) FMCPICO1M4C3

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The FMC-Pico-1M4 is a standard FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC - VITA 57.1) Low Pin Count (LPC) board that allows to monitor bipolar currents up to 10 mA with high sampling rate and high resolution.

The bord resolution is 20 bit, obtained from independent, simultaneous sampling and low-delay Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs).

Each channel has two full-scale measuring ranges, up to ±1 mA and ±1 uA (10 kHz bandwidth) for the FMC-PICO-1M4 version and up to ±10 mA and ±500 uA (300 kHz bandwidth) for the FMC-PICO-1M4-C3 version and the current source can be floating up to ±300 V respect to the FMC ground. The floating capability of the inputs is perfectly suitable for applications where the detector or current source needs to be biased.

The analog front-end is designed in order to achieve low noise, low temperature dependance and very small unbalance between channels. The analog characteristics can be further improved by requesting a factory calibration of the channels - calibration data are stored in the on-board EEPROM memory that can be read via an I2C bus on the FMC connector.

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A metallic shield has the dual function of shielding the analog front end from external noise sources and also isolates the internal electronics that could be floating up to ±300 V.

A trigger signal can be fed on the FMC connector in order to start the conversion of data samples: this feature allows to synchronize the board acquisition to an external event - e.g. machine revolution frequency in storage rings.

Data readout can be performed via separate SPI links - i.e. one for each channel, sharing the same clock signal.

  • FPGA Mezzanine Card
  • VITA 57.1 Standard
  • High Resolution multi-channel current measurements up to ±10 mA (different versions available)
  • 4 Current-Input Channels - Bipolar
  • 1 MSPS simultaneous and independent sampling
  • 20-bit Resolution
  • Floating up to 300 V
  • Compatible with the DAMC-FMC25 carrier board

Documentation Software/Firmware
FMC-Pico-1M4 - User's Manual v1.3 Last update: 2018-11-19 15:27:07

FMC-Pico-1M4 - Product Presentation Last update: 2015-04-30 20:31:57

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