Technical Specifications

Regulation Type Current- or Voltage- Control
Output Current Range 30A
60 A
75 A
Output Voltage Range 30V
10 V
8 V
6 V
Maximum Output Power 900 W (30 A @ 30 V model)
600 W (all other models)
Current Setting Resolution 18 bit
Voltage Setting Resolution 18 bit
Output Current Readback 20 bit
Output Voltage Readback 20 bit
Output Current Stability 50 ppm/FS
Output Voltage Stability 50 ppm/FS
Switching Frequency (Equivalent) 300 kHz
Closed Loop Bandwidth 5 kHz
External Interlocks/States 2 Inputs: user configurable "dry" contacts
1 Output: relay-type (2 magnetic contacts)
Internal Protections DC Link Under-Voltage
MOSFETs Over-Temperature
Earth Fault Current
Regulation Fault
Excessive Current Ripple
Hardware Protections Input Fuses
Earth Fuse
Auxiliary ADC Readbacks DC Link Voltage
Ground Leakage Current
MOSFETs Temperature
Shunt Temperature
Cooling On-Module Self-Regulated Fans
Connectivity 1 x Ethernet 10/100/1000
2 x SFP ports
Extra Features Point-by-point Current Waveform Loading
User-definable interlock thresholds, active levels and timings
Firmware Remote Update
Analog Control Input (0-10V, BW = 1 kHz) - optional
Dimensions 19" (W) - 1U (H) - 365 mm (D)
Input Voltage 90-260 VAC
47-63 Hz
Local Control/Monitor Graphic Display and Navigation Pad
6 LEDs

Ordering Options

Product code Description Ordering Code
FAST-PS-M 3030 FAST-PS-M 3030- Current- and Voltage-Controlled Digital Power Supply 30A@30V (900W max) FASTPSM3030A
FAST-PS-M 6010 FAST-PS-M 6010 - Current- and Voltage-Controlled Digital Power Supply 60A@10V (600W max) FASTPSM6010A
FAST-PS-M 7508 FAST-PS-M 7508 - Current- and Voltage-Controlled Digital Power Supply 75A@8V (600W max) FASTPSM7508A
FAST-PS-M 10006 FAST-PS-M 10006 - Current- and Voltage-Controlled Digital Power Supply 100A@6V (600W max) FASTPSM10006
FAST-PS AN-CTRL Analog Control Input (0-10V) on BNC connector - optional FASTPSACINXA
FAST-PS TRG-IN Trigger Input on BNC connector - optional FASTPSTRINXA

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Monopolar high-precision and high-stability power supplies with fast interfaces - e.g. Gigabit Ethernet and SFP/SFP+.

The FAST-PS-M series is the new generation of monopolar power supplies by CAEN ELS and it was designed in order to have state-of-the-art performances both in current- and voltage-control modes.

The 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet connection and the two SFP slots (which can be used as electrical or optical communication channels) allow to control the power converter in two different modes: the “slow” interface over the Ethernet (up to 1 kHz) is intended in cases where the power supply has to be controlled at lower rates and/or to set and monitor general parameters of the unit. The “fast” interface over the SFP allows to run feedback loops and fast corrections by reaching a maximum update rate of 10 kHz. The control loop, as for most of CAEN ELS power supplies, is digital in order to obtain the maximum flexibility and easiness of configuration to any connected load.

The FAST-PS can be controlled either in current- or voltage-control modes and both control loops can be remotely configured.

Low noise and high bandwidth are just two of the main features of these power converters.

Internal protections – - e.g. over-voltage, over-current - are implemented as well as external interlocks are present.

The units can be also locally controlled via a display and a local interface in order to set or monitor the main parameters and status of the power supply.

Different output current, voltage and power ratings are commercially available.

FAST-PS-M 3030 - 30A@30V (900W max)
FAST-PS-M 6010 - 60A@10V (600W max)
FAST-PS-M 7508 - 75A@8V (600W max)
FAST-PS-M 10006 - 100A@6V (600W max)

Optional analog control input on BNC connector (Input = 0-10 V, Bandwidth = 1 kHz) can be added at the time of the order and will give backward compatibility to older systems used as amplifiers.

Bipolar versions of the FAST-PS-M modules are rated up to +/-30A and +/-80V and can be found on the FAST-PS product page.

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The 0-FLUCS current transducers are used as sensing elements in order to give the best stability perfomance.

The use of the 0-FLUCS current transducer technology (CT-100 model) guarantee the best-in-class performances for such power supplies.

Extremely low values of long-term stabilty and temperature coefficient (TC) allow to use the FAST-PS-M power units to be the best choice when needing a stable current generator.

  • Digital feedback current control loop
  • 19'' - 1U stand-alone unit
  • 30 A @ 30 V, 60 A @ 10 V, 75 A @ 8 V and 100 A @ 6 V models
  • 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet connectivity
  • 2x Fast SFP interface (10 kHz update)
  • Current or Voltage regulation
  • High analog bandwidth
  • Analog Control lnput - optional
  • Internal protections and auxiliary readbacks
  • Extended Input Range (90-260 VAC)
  • Local Display and Control
  • Integrated EPICS IOC

Documentation Software/Firmware
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FAST-PS-M - User's Manual rev 1.4 Last update: 2017-10-19 12:13:10

Remote Control Manual rev 1.12 Last update: 2020-06-29 12:03:49

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