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Technical Specifications

Board Size Double-Width - Mid-Size
Standard MicroTCA.4: AMC.0, AMC.1
Module Management: IPMI Version 1.5, MMC V1.0
Compatibility Zone3 Classification: Class D1.1
AMC Backplane Support: Full
FMC Carrier 2 High Pin Count (HPC) - VITA 57.1
FPGAs Xilinx Virtex-5: XC5VFX70T-2FFG1136C or XC5VFX100T-2FF1136C
Xilinx Spartan-6: XC6SLX45T-3FGG484
RAM Memories 256MB DDR2 for Virtex-5
128MB DDR2 for Spartan-6
Storage Virtex-5 Firmware: 2 x SPI Flash
Spartan-6 Firmware: 2 x SPI Flash
Identification Data: 1 x I2C EEPROM
Mass Storage: 1 x MicroSD Card Slot
MMC Device ATxmega128A1-AU
FMC Connections FMC1: 77 diff. pairs, 2 GTX (@ 6.5 Gbps)
FMC2: 77 diff. pairs, 2 GTX (@ 6.5 Gbps)
RTM Connections 42 diff. pairs, 2 GTX (@ 6.5 Gbps)
Clocks External Input (SMA connector)
On-board generator (10-280 MHz)
Backplane Links Low Latency Links: 4 lanes, AMC ports 12-15, 6.5 Gbps
PCI-e: 4 lanes, AMC ports 4-7, PCIe gen. 2*
MLVDS: 4 lanes, AMC ports 17-20
Front Panel 2 x HPC
1 x SMA, single-ended, 50 ohm, AC
Micro USB (FPGA and MMC) for Debug
Other Features 2 on-board temperature sensors
Standard LEDs managed by IPMI
4 user-configurable LEDs
Operating Temperature 0...50°C

Ordering Options

Product code Description Ordering Code
DAMC-FMC25-2 Dual HPC (High Pin Count) AMC Carrier Board - MTCA.4 - ''­2'' Speed Grade Virtex - 5 DAMCFMC252XA
DAMC-FMC25-C1 Dual HPC (High Pin Count) AMC Carrier Board -MTCA.4 - XC5VFX100T-2FF1136C - Virtex-5 DAMCFMC25C1A

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The DAMC-FMC25 is a full-size standard AMC board designed to host up to two High-Pin Count (HPC) FMC mezzanine cards

The DAMC-FMC25 is a general purpose carrier board with the ability to host two FPGA Mezzanine Cards (FMC) with High Pin Count (HPC) connectors. The AMC board is designed as a double-width mid-size MTCA.4 carrier.
A Virtex-5 FPGA allows to perform high demanding computations with a high data throughput between FMCs, uRTM and PCI express on the MTCA backplane. Standard version of the board mounts a Virtex-5 XC5VFX70T (1136-pin) and a Spartan XC6SLX45T (484-pin) FPGAs provided respectively with 256 MB and 128 MB DDR2 memories.
The local DDR2 memories can be used in order to store data that cannot or does not need to be sent via PCI-e during acquisition.

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On-board Virtex-5 FPGA and Spartan-6 FPGA provided with DDR2 RAM memories

The module management is performed by an ATxmega128A1_AU controller directly interfaced to the AMC backplane with an I2C bus connection.

The DAMC-FMC25 board mount “-2” speed grade Virtex-5 (@ 6.5 Gbps).

Fast links to both FMC slots – i.e. 77 differential pairs and 2 GTX @ 6.5 Gbps on each one – allow to install high performance and high density FPGA Mezzanine Cards – e.g. fast and/or high resolution digitizers or fast links.

Fast links are also dedicated to the MTCA.4 standard use of the board with 42 differential pairs and 2 GTX @ 6.5 Gbps to the uRTM Zone-3 connector.

AMC backplane connections available are Low-Latency Links (4 lanes), PCI-e 1.0 (4 lanes) and MLVDS (4 lanes).

  • Double-width AMC board
  • MTCA.4 carrier
  • Two HPC FMC Mezzanine slots
  • Data processing on Virtex-5 FPGA
  • Board Management on Spartan-6 FPGA
  • RTM D1.1 connectivity
  • PCI-e (x4) communication on AMC
  • Four low-latency links on AMC
  • RocketIO channels to FMCs and to RTM
  • 256 MB (on Virtex-5) and 128 MB (on Spartan-6) DDR2 Memories
  • Dual SPI memories for each FPGA and I2C EEPROM
  • External Clock input on front panel
  • 4.25 Gbps ("-1") and 6.5 Gbps ("-2") transceiver board options

Documentation Software/Firmware
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