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Technical Specifications

Control Interface 10/100/1000 Ethernet TCP-IP
BEST Application Local GUI
Standard Configuration 1 TetrAMM picoammeter
1 PreDAC actuator unit (2-channel)
1 BEST control and interface central unit
Extended Configuration 2 TetrAMM picoammeters
1 PreDAC actuator unit (up to 4 channels)
1 BEST control and interface central unit
Control and Interface Unit OS Linux OS (Ubuntu 20.04)
Compensation Loops Horizontal position (X)
Vertical position (Y)
Intensity (I0) - optional
Detector Configurations Quadrature detectors (45° or 90°)
Loop Communication Interface SFP - Small Form Factor Pluggable
Additional Features - Firmware Remote Upgrade for each building block
- TetrAMM Oscilloscope "Pyscope" (with FFT and CSP)
- Frequency Analysis Tool (included in the Local GUI)
- Data Logger

Ordering Options

Product code Description Ordering Code
BEST BEST – Beamline Enhanced Stabilization Technology, 2-channel turnkey solution (with EPICS IOC and Web Server) WBEST2XAAAAA
ADD-DAC BEST PreDAC – High-Precision additional channel for Fast Actuator Unit WBEST3DACXAA

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The BEST (Beamline Enhanced Stabilization Technology) is a powerful instrumentation and software suite specially designed to easily provide the capabilities for simultaneously controlling position (X, Y) and intensity (I0) of the photon beam in synchrotron radiation X-ray beamlines

The system is designed on a distributed architecture that allows installing all electronic building blocks as close as possible to the corresponding device - e.g. a piezo driver or a photon BPM. The system is composed by three main building blocks:

- the READOUT block;


- the ACTUATOR block.

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Direct Interfacing to the Control System of the Beamline via EPICS IOC or Webserver application

The readout block is represented by the TetrAMM device: a 4-channel bipolar picoammeter with an integrated HV bias voltage source that can be connected directly to a four-quadrant phBPM detector - e.g. diamond detector, ion chamber or quadrature diodes.

This readout block has an independent 10/100/1000 Ethernet interface for standard communication and can be also used as a stand-alone readout unit. In addition to this, the TetrAMM has a high-throughput and low-latency SFP link that guarantees interface to the control unit.

The control and interface unit is the “brain” of the entire system and it is made by a 19"-1U rack that interconnects and interfaces to the other building blocks and gives access and control to the users directly via a Gigabit Ethernet interface. The control interface has a dedicated application that allows to set the parameters to configure the beamline system (detectors, piezo actuators, geometry) and control the photon beam behavior.

  • TURNKEY Instrumentation and Software Suite
  • Readout module - i.e. TetrAMM - for photon BPM
  • Actuation module - i.e. PreDAC multichannel high-precision DAC - for piezo driver
  • Control & Interface unit
  • X,Y correction and stabilization
  • I0 stabilization (optional)
  • Configurability to different detector geometries and configurations
  • Firmware remote update on all building blocks
  • Low-latency and high-speed links allow for higher frequency beam instability compensation - e.g. mechanical vibrations
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet TCP-IP control

Documentation Software/Firmware
BEST - User's Manual v1.6 Last update: 2022-03-25 16:20:36

BEST Update Utility - User's Manual Last update: 2017-03-29 07:49:35

libbest Command Reference Manual v1.8-18 Last update: 2022-04-27 10:02:12

BEST EPICS Command Reference Manual v1.0-32 Last update: 2022-03-16 14:46:36

TetrAMM - User's Manual v2.5 Last update: 2021-10-04 08:43:08

PreDAC - User's Manual v1.3 Last update: 2018-04-16 07:48:27

BEST - User's Manual v1.1 (old) Last update: 2015-04-30 13:23:54

BEST Firmware (1.2.20) Last update: 2022-04-27 10:04:58
3.88 MB

BEST Firmware (1.2.17) Last update: 2022-03-25 16:24:00
2.93 MB

BEST Firmware (1.2.10) Last update: 2020-06-05 13:33:27
2.93 MB

BEST Firmware (PID only) (1.2.04) Last update: 2017-07-12 11:17:12
0.04 MB
Note: Prerequisite: BEST v1.2.02 Firmware

BEST Firmware (1.2.02) Last update: 2017-03-28 16:35:13
3.79 MB

BEST Firmware (1.1.04) Last update: 2018-04-16 07:48:38
3.94 MB

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