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Dual-Channel 60A@20V Modular Bipolar Power Supply System - up to 1200 W per channel

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Two independent ±60A@±20V modules installed in a single 19"- 3U standard crate.

High efficiency, high stability, easiness of configuration and maintenance are the key features of this power supply (PS) system, which continues the CAEN ELS series of power supplies especially designed to operate in particle accelerator facilities like Synchrotrons and FELs.

The system houses up to 2 independent current-controlled bipolar power supply modules, rated at 60A and 20V, in a single 19-inch 3U standard crate (SY3662).

An auxiliary AC/DC converter (embedded in the bulk unit) powers the control circuits of the modules. Each A3660BS module implements a completely digital feedback control loop with a proprietary PWM generation technique: this makes the system extremely versatile and easy to “tune” to any load/magnet condition.

As for the SY3634 heterogeneous system, the modules are composed by a Control Board (CB) and a Power Board (PB) that are mechanically connected: communication between boards is almost exclusively performed by digital signals that avoid possible analog signal corruption and undesired noise pick-up.

High stability of output current is obtained by using the 0-FLUCS current transducers as sensing elements.

Remote communication is guaranteed by means of an Ethernet 10/100 auto-sensing socket present on each module front panel. The communication protocol has compatibility with the SY3634 system modules i.e- A3605BS, A3610BS, A3620BS, A3630BS.

The PS can also be locally monitored/controlled via an encoder and a graphic color display featuring user-friendly menus.

Up to two auxiliary + DC bulk power supplies i.e. A3667 can be installed into the SY3662 crate, one for every installed channel. Cooling is performed by embedded fans, directly controlled by an output current-related hysteretic algorithm.

Software and drivers are available for different operating systems like MS Windows, Linux and Mac OS; these devices are also Epics- and Tango-compatible.

Commercially available system crate (SY3662), 60A – 20V modules (A3660BS) and auxiliary and bulk power supply modules (A3667B).


  • Digital feedback current control loop
  • Graphic color display and encoder per channel for local control and monitoring
  • High DC/DC power conversion efficiency
  • True bipolar zero-crossing operation
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Independent external interlocks user-selectable
  • 0-FLUCS DCCT feedback element
  • On-module speed-regulated fans
  • Internal temperature monitor circuits

Technical specifications

Output Current Range

±60 A

Output Voltage Range

±20 V



Maximum Output Power

1200 W

Current Setting Resolution


Output Current Readback

20 bit

Output Voltage Readback

20 bit

Output Current Ripple

< 0.01 % / FS

Long Term Stability (8h)

< 0.002 % / FS

Switching Frequency

100 kHz

Closed Loop Bandwidth

> 1 kHz


0.05 %

External Interlocks/States

4 Inputs: user-configurable "dry" contacts
2 Outputs: relay-type (magnetic + solid-state)

Internal Interlocks

DC Link Under-Voltage
Earth Fault Current
Regulation Fault / Excessive Current Ripple

Hardware Protections

Input Fuses
Earth Fuse

Auxiliary ADC Readbacks (16-bit)

DC Link Voltage
Ground Leakage Current


On-Module Self-Regulated Fans




Ethernet 10/100 Mbps


Point-by-Point Current Waveform Loading
User-definable interlock thresholds, active levels and timings
DSP and FPGA Firmware Remote Updates

Input Voltage

90-260 V(AC) 47-63 Hz

Dimensions (SY3662 crate)

19" - 3U high Euro-mechanics rack


No documentation available.


No firmware or software available.

Copyright CAEN ELS s.r.l.