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6-kW Monopolar Power Supply Series - up to 6000 W

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AC-DC three-level ZVS converter topology composed of a PFC stage combined with a buck converter into a single stage for a rated 6-kW output power

The resonant nature of this power supply guarantees high efficiency, a crucial factor to take into account when maintaining into operation a large number of power supplies in the same facility.

The current control loop of the DiRAC, as for all other CAEN ELS power supplies, is completely digital in order to guarantee the same configurability and ease of tuning to any load condition (resistive and inductive parts).

Output current stability is guaranteed by the high-precision and low-noise 0-FLUCS current tranducer.

A new feature of the DiRAC units is the current control algorithm, which is performed directly by the on-board FPGA: the parallel nature of the computation allows to greatly reduce time delays in the feedback loop.

Output current setting is performed by the use of a DCCT (DC Current Transformer) that presents high long-term stability, good bandwidth, low noise and extremely low TC (Temperature Coefficient).

The use of state-of-the-art 18-bit SAR ADCs for current and voltage sensing guarantees a reduced group delay and thus higher bandwidth.

Internal interlocks and protections are redundant and distributed inside the DiRAC units – e.g. the temperature is monitored by six different sensors placed in different sections of the board and the internal heatsinks.

The control board of the unit, hosting the FPGA, the diagnostic ADCs, communication sections, local control + display managing and other ancillary parts is the same used for the SY3634 and SY3662 system modules.

Command syntax and communication protocol compatibility are maintained with respect to the other CAEN ELS Power Supply systems.


  • Digital feedback current control loop
  • High efficiency (up to 90%)
  • New three-level ZVS topology
  • High Long-term output stability
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Graphic color OLED and encoder
  • On-module speed-regulated fans
  • Internal temperature monitoring
  • External configurable interlocks (I/O)

Technical specifications

Rated Output Current

PS120050: 120 A
PS135040: 135 A

Rated Output Voltage

PS120050: 50 V
PS135040: 40 V

Input Voltage

"A" version: 3 × 208 V(AC) @ 47-63 Hz
"E" version: 3 × 400 V(AC) @ 47-63 Hz

PF (Power Factor)

> 0.98


Three-Level ZVS Converter

Maximum Output Power

up to 6 kW

Maximum Inductive Load

100 mH (more upon request)

100 mH (more upon request)

18 bit

Output Current Read-Back

20 bit

Output Voltage Read-Back

20 bit


< 0.01%

Current Control Range

10 % - 100 %

Output Ripple (0-10kHz)

100 ppm / FS

Long Term Stability (8h)

< 20 ppm / FS

Load Regulation (±10% variation) - typ.

< ±5 ppm / FS

Line Regulation (±10% variation) - typ.

< ±5 ppm / FS

Temperature Coefficient (10-40 °C) - typ.

< 5 ppm / °C

DC/DC Efficiency

up to 90%

External Interlocks/States

4 Inputs: user-configurable contacts
2 Outputs: user-configurable

Internal Interlocks

Earth Fault Current
Regulation Fault
Fan Fault
AC Fault

Hardware Protections

Load energy dumping (free-wheeling)
Circuit breaker

Auxiliary ADC Read-Backs

Internal Temperatures
Earth Leakage Current


Air convection - self-regulated internal fans


Ethernet TCP-IP / UDP


Soft-start mode
Point-by-Point Current Waveform Loading User-definable interlock thresholds, active levels and timings FPGA Firmware Remote Update
User-settable Slew-Rate value


19" wide - 3U high Euro-mechanics rack


No documentation available.


No firmware or software available.

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