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Auto-Tuning – Automatic Tuning of the Power Supply

Auto-Tuning – Automatic Tuning of the Power Supply

Our constant goal is to make our programmable power supply series to be at the highest technology level on the market to serve each user at our best and to allow her/him obtaining the most out of our devices. What did we think about? A revolutionary tool called Auto-Tuning.

What is Auto-Tuning?

All our programmable power supplies run a digital control loop internally: this is performed on a dual-DSP architecture in some models – e.g. EASY-DRIVER – and on a System-on-Chip (SoC – FPGA) on some other series. The available computational power and intelligence permits to run several analysis and to manage a very large quantity of large and precise data.

Each power supply leaving our facilities will be connected to a different load and for the most heterogeneous applications:

  • electromagnets;
  • resistive loads;
  • battery charging or testing;
  • PV cells;
  • superconducting magnets;
  • many others.

Some of these applications require the output current to be regulated, some others the output voltage and some others the output power (sometimes the resistance). The load types range from open circuit to short circuit, from purely capacitive to purely inductive and all flavors in between. Most of the power supplies on the market have a fixed behavior and cannot be adapted to the specific load so that they are almost never the perfect choice. Sometimes the same power supply needs to be used also on different loads so that its characteristics will differ on a case-by-case basis.

The digital control structure of our power units allows adapting the power supply remotely to the specific load and application requirements by an experienced user but sometimes this procedure could be done only by some operators. So, we decided to implement something that needs only one action: ONE CLICK!

How does it work?

The Auto-Tuning is an automatic procedure that adapts the power supply to any connected load by launching an automated routine (usually lasting a few seconds) that stores the needed digital control values into the unit. The operations are simple:

  1. connect the power supply to the load;
  2. launch the Auto-Tuning procedure and wait for it to be done;
  3. enjoy your power supply.

Real case example

Watch a simple example on how the Auto-Tuning algorithms work.

More Information

The Auto-Tuning is available on license for each unit for all models in our catalogue (Easy-Driver excluded) with the ordering code AUTOTUNEFW01 (Auto-Tuning License for Digital Power Supply Series).

Visit the PROGRAMMABLE POWER SUPPLY page to find out more!


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