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Technical Specifications

Number of Channels 4
Current Polarity Monopolar
Measuring Range 50 pA, 100 pA, 150 pA, 200 pA, 250 pA, 300 pA, 350 pA, 2 µA
Current Resolution 20-bit
Integration Time - TINT 1 ms (continuous mode)
50 µs (non-continuous mode)
Temperature Coefficient - TC < 25 ppm/FS/°C
High Voltage Source 500 V or -500V @ 1 mA (standard)
configurable up to 4kV or -4kV
High Voltage Noise + Ripple (typical) < 1 mVRMS
< 3 mVPK-PK
Communication Interface 10/100/1000 Ethernet TCP-IP
External Signals Configurable Trigger/Gate
Trigger Output
External Interlock
Input Connectors BNC
High Voltage Connector SHV
Extra Communication Interface SFP - Small Form-Factor Pluggable
Additional Features Firmware Remote Update
Configurable Firmware Sampling Frequency
High Voltage Readout
High Voltage Current Readout
High Voltage Over-Current Protection
BEST Integration
Input Voltage +12 V
Weight 800 g
Mechanical Dimensions 175 × 175 × 44 mm

Ordering Options

Product code Description Ordering Code
TETRAMM-CI-P TetrAMM-CI - 4-channel Fast Interface Charge Integrating Picoammeter with Integrated +500V HV Source WTETRAMMCIPX
TETRAMM-CI-N TetrAMM-CI - 4-channel Fast Interface Charge Integrating Picoammeter with Integrated -500V HV Source WTETRAMMCINX
TETRA4KP TETRA4KP - 4kV (Positive) Integrated HV Source - option WTETRA4KPXAA
TETRA4KN TETRA4KN - 4kV (Negative) Integrated HV Source - option WTETRA4KNXAA

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The TetrAMM-CI is a 4-channel current electrometer especially designed for high-precision quadrature BPM applications.

The new CAEN ELS TetrAMM-CI - e.g. "Tetra AMMeter - Charge Integration" - is a 4-channel picoammeter device dedicated to accurate and fast low current measurements.

The presence of a fast Gigabit Ethernet Interface and an SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) link allow for very high-throughput data acquisition. Each channel is sampled independently and simultaneously with a minimum continuous integration time of 1ms.

The integrated High Voltage source, with factory-configurable output rating and polarity, can be used to bias the connected detecting system. Standard voltage output is 500V or -500V (but can be customized up to 4 kV).

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Integrated High-Voltage Technology by CAEN allows for biasing detectors with low-noise, high-stability and excellent precision.

The High Voltage integrated module is equipped with output voltage and current readbacks, as well as with protection features against over-current, thus protecting the detecting system from excessive power drawing.

On-board processing of data allows to obtain measurements on a user-defined sampling period, with a minimum non-continuous integration time of 50 µs.

Input trigger/gate signals are present on coaxial connectors and are configurable, thus allowing to synchronize the TetrAMM acquisition of the device to an external event.

Small mechanical dimensions are kept as in the previous AH401D and AH501D series in order to install the device as close as possible to the current sensor/detector and to minimize possible environmental noise pick-up. The TetrAMM-CI device is the perfect replacement/upgrade for the AH401D picoammeter.

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Charge-integration technique allows maintaining all information on the total charge.

Some applications, as for example pulsed sources - e.g. FEL pulses - require not to lose any information in the conversion of the charge/current data.
A simple I-to-V converter always adds a dissipation element into the signal conditioning chain that leads to a loss of information on the converted data of the total charge.

The charge-integration approach of the TetrAMM-CI (and its predecessor AH401D) allows not losing any information on the charge received or supplied by the device inputs during the integration period.

  • 4-channel simultaneous sampling
  • down to 1 ms continuous integration time
  • down to 50 µs non-continuous integration time
  • 20-bit A/D conversion
  • Current ranges from 50 pA to 2 µA (monopolar)
  • 10/100/1000 TCP-IP Interface
  • SFP Interface
  • Low-noise integrated High Voltage Source up to +/-4 kV
  • External Trigger/Gate and Interlock signals
  • Firmware Remote Update
  • Auto-Ranging functionality
  • Real-time FPGA and soft-processor computations
  • Compact mechanical dimensions
  • Low-Noise AC/DC power supply included
  • TetrAMM-CI Oscilloscope for quadrature phBPM applications

Documentation Software/Firmware

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