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CYCLEUR 2016 and 2nd Bern Cyclotron Symposium

The Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics (AEC) and the Laboratory for High Energy Physics(LHEP) of the University of Bern organized the 12th workshop of the European Cyclotron Network (CYCLEUR 2016) together with the 2nd Bern Cyclotron Symposium.

CAEN ELS was very glad to be invited at the meeting and the participation was a pleasure. We had the opportunity to present our products also in the cyclotron world, where we are making the first steps.

It was a honour for us to visit the Swan Isotopen AG in Bern, where an IBA cyclotron for medical application is running together with a D-Pace Mini Pet beamline; here the electromagnet performs beam stabilization and beam movements, together with focusing and defocusing, through high precision CAEN ELS power supplies.

Last but not least, we really appreciated the beautiful city of Bern and the delicious conference dinner; we are looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting!