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CAEN ELS at the 1st DPG Fall Meeting

The German Physical Society (DPG) is launching a new meeting format dedicated to a research theme identified by its three sections. The first DPG Fall Meeting addresses Quantum Science in its relation to Information Technologies, and provides a forum for cross-disciplinary discourse between condensed matter and AMO physics, information science and quantum technologies, applied and fundamental research. Rapid developments in a priori distinct fields, from artificial intelligence to the first small-scale quantum computation platforms, dedicated efforts in academia as well as in industrial research, and an intensifying public debate on the diverse aspects of these truly revolutionary emerging technologies, necessitates an accentuated and concerted scientific exchange across disciplines. We look forward to bringing together key players from academia to industry, senior and junior researchers, and the interested public.

CAEN ELS is very glad to announce that it will participate to this event. We will present the magnetic power dedicated parts of our product lines:

  • High-Performance Power Supplies
  • Precision Current Measurements


Link to the 1st DPG Fall Meeting

We look forward to meeting you in Freiburg soon!

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