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5th MicroTCA Workshop for Industry and Research

The 5th MicroTCA workshop for industry and research will be held from December 7th to December 8th, 2016 at DESY in Hamburg, Germany. The workshop is focused on MicroTCA.4 (Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture) which is part of the xTCA standard. The workshop brings together experts and beginners from industry and research worldwide.

The main topics of the workshop are:

  • Applications in research facilities and industry
  • New products and developments
  • Interoperability and system integration
  • Software and firmware


CAEN ELS is very glad to announce that it will participate to this event again and we will be showing all new products and applications during these days and the related industrial exhibition.

The talk “A build system for DAMC-FMC25 Board Support Package” will be held by Jan Marjanovic during Session 6 and will focus on the FMC carrier board DAMC-FMC25 and its applications.

Link to the DESY workshop website

We look forward to meeting you in Hamburg soon!